iPhone 5S - Black + White - Week + Month

I wrote about Event Book 3‘s launch earlier today in an article looking back at the app’s design evolution – and what a journey it’s been. Since first launching nearly a year ago, Event Book has been a hit on not only the US App Store, but also around the world, having been featured as […]

Event Book 3

Event Book 3 is out today! The multi-time, internationally Apple-featured calendar app features an all new design made specifically for iOS 7 along with some great new features including a tasks and contacts integration and a new side bar navigation, trimmed down size, and updates to almost every single aspect of the app. When working […]

Technology Video Featured Image

    Technology is absolutely amazing. It moves us forward, allows us to see the world like never before, and lets us express ourselves in new ways. To me, technology has served all these purposes and more. I created this short video compilation to share my passion of all things tech with others. Hopefully you’re […]


Today’s the day I turn 20. As someone who has always been conscious of time, turning 20 will no doubt have some profound implications on my life. While today marks my graduation from the all-encompassing “moody teenage” label, turning 20 grants no exciting legal benefits nor does it mark the fuller transition into adulthood. Many […]

Tech@NYU Website Redesign

In an effort to streamline Tech@NYU’s public image, the team has been playing around with some designs. Below is a design I created. The goal of the design is to 1) Immediately allow people to understand who we are, 2) Understand what we do, 3) See upcoming events, 4) Find events that fit well with […]


I have always been a fan of exploration, having explored the woods behind my house from a young age. I’ve always been fascinated with the sheer vastness of the number of forms life takes from the smallest mite to the largest whale. It’s truly astounding and beautiful to see how simple atoms have formed the […]


In this amazing video, Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about what astounds him about the universe – that we are one with the universe. As stars age, they create heavier atoms (like Carbon, Iron, Gold, etc.) from the lighter ones (mainly Hydrogen and Helium). As stars age and eventually collapse, they spray these heavier […]