I am pleased to announce TEDxNYU’s 6th Annual Conference: Lenses on April 24th at 1 PM!

TEDxNYU’s mission is and has been to spark new conversations in old communities – to bridge the gaps between the many amazing micro-spheres here at NYU. Through the hard work of our awesome team, I’m proud to say that we’ve made great positive strides forward this year! Highlights include the continued success of our Community Events, a series that explores topics highlighted by the global NYU community, The Pitch, our annual student competition showcase, and the new “unlimited” TEDxNYU license, which allows us to hold a bigger conference than ever before – something we’ve been working towards over the last 5 years!

This year’s TEDxNYU Conference celebrates and explores our beautiful, diverse community, it’s unique perspectives, experiences, and creations, and all that brings us together as one of the world’s greatest global college communities.

Our 6 inspiring and insightful speakers and 3 talented performers, to be announced over the next few days, will help us explore and tackle major issues such as global education, entrepreneurship, health, and overcoming struggle through expression.

Limited tickets are available now!

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Lenses logo and poster made using Adobe Photoshop.